‘of day, of night’ off-screen recording

I’ve finally found a way to share the interactive experience of  ‘of day, of night’ online, using an off screen recording of selected excerpts. Please note that the audio & interactive experience is higher quality and more immersive when running on your own computer or laptop, rather than as a video. Two video off-screen recordings have been created; the first around 3 and a half mins; the second 5 and a half mins. The actual project is normally experienced for around 15- 20 minutes.

Please go to my Vimeo channel here:- http://vimeo.com/meganheyward/videos or view the two embedded videos below

Of Day Of Night 1- intro & excerpts as off-screen recording from Megan Heyward on Vimeo.

Of Day, Of Night 2 :- stories and dreams as an off-screen recording from Megan Heyward on Vimeo.

Of Night Of Day, Of Night (2003) is a major interactive narrative exploring the fluid, recombinant nature of memory and dream experience. Funded by the Australian Film Commission, Of Day, Of Night has been recognised for its lush visual and aural landscapes, its rich user experience and its innovative fusion of literary, filmic and interactive aesthetics. It has been exhibited in Australia, Europe, Japan and the US, and won high commendations in awards including the Australian Festival Awards for Literature and the AIMIA Best Arts & Cultural Project category. It will be included in the forthcoming Electronic Literature (ELO 2012) media arts show in the US in June 2012. dtc-wsuv.org/elit/elo2012/elo2012/Welcome.html  Published by Eastgate Systems at eastgate.com/catalog/OfDayOfNight.html

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