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Notes for Walking at ELO 2015

I will be presenting a conference paper, “On landscape as an interface: textuality, walking practices and augmented location in Notes for Walking” at ELO 2015 in early August in Bergen, Norway. The conference and exhibition details are here :-

Notes for Walking overview

Notes for Walking overview
This prezi gives a background context & overview of Notes for Walking, discussing research, challenges of staging the work; implications for artists, cultural organisations etc re delivering location based, mobile & AR works. Key points only but provides a good summary.

Notes for Walking- full compile

This is a full video compile of all 13 notes of Notes for Walking, a mobile phone-based locative artwork app developed for Middle Head National Park and Mosman Art Gallery as part of the Sydney Festival, January 5-27, 2013. In Notes for Walking, thirteen short video notes are electronically tagged to features of landscape at Middle Head, asking audiences ...

Notes for Walking reprised – October 4-7, 2013

Notes for Walking reprised - October 4-7, 2013
Notes for Walking will be staged again as part during the October long weekend, 4-7 October, 2013 as part of Mosman Art Gallery’s site specific program during the Navy’s International Fleet Review. Notes for Walking is a locative artwork developed for Middle Head National Park, in which thirteen short video ‘notes’ are electronically tagged to features of landscape at Middle ...

Notes for Walking – artist session ISEA 2013

This is a link to the prezi for my Notes for Walking : media arts and augmented landscapes session at ISEA 2013 in June 2013 at the University of Sydney. Key points only where I am contextualising Notes for Walking and discussing challenges of staging it; implications for artists, cultural orgs etc re staging location ...

Notes at ISEA 2013, Junaio channel info etc

Just a quick update to say that I will be presenting a short session on Wednesday June 12 at ISEA2013 here in Sydney, where I will give an overview of the work, and discuss some of the challenges of delivering content via location based platforms. Here is a link to the prezi from this session:- ...

Audience feedback

Audience feedback
Just posting a few mentions about Notes for Walking that I gathered up from Twitter. Thanks for the lovely comments!    

Over 1,400 Junaio channel users

I have just received figures for users of the Junaio Channel from developers MOB. There were 1460 unique users of the Notes for Walking Junaio channel between Jan 1 and Jan 31, 2013. These are likely to have been primarily Android users. Again, amazing news and numbers, which, combined with the iOS downloads, show that a lot ...

Over 1,200 downloads

Over 1,200 downloads
Thrilled to report that I received the final iTunes figures today up until Jan 27. The Notes for Walking app received over 1,200 downloads during the Festival- 1,227 to be exact. And with a steady stream of visitors onsite, many sharing devices in small groups, we estimate much higher audience numbers. This is wonderful & ...

We have just run out of WIFI onsite

We have just run out of WIFI onsite at Middle Head, as of Saturday Jan 26 at approx 2pm, ( actually I assisted the final app download so I know the timing) . I’m not sure that I will be able to arrange more data for tomorrow onsite, so PLEASE download the app beforehand, using ...