Scratch ‘n’ sniff

Spent most of today working on a lovely little haptic effect for this new work… scratch ‘n’ sniff ( well, scratch at least)… A nice way of revealing hidden contents…


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Secret language

More work, more animation, more writing … more soon.


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Digital narrative

I am quietly and solidly working away on a new digital narrative, integrating text, image, animation and sound…exploring the haptic and intimate nature of tablets, and what happens to the reading experience, to the textuality, in an interactive, tablet environment.  To be released before year’s end, with more detail soon. Meanwhile, here is another image.

Sax Heyward

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Objects and shadows

Working with the beauty of real objects and crisp, genuine shadows… this may be a theme in the new digital work…





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I’ve also been experimenting with handcolouring some old black & white photos, very gently, for a retro look. And I like it.




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Digital publishing options

Weighing up the publishing options between Adobe DPS, Aquafadas and Mag+. All have pros and cons. Paying for CC, but not easy to decide. Likely will do some building in CC initially as a test. Multiple tablet sizes are going to be a bit of a drag with a complex layout and things needing to line up across screens…

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Font fever

It’s time to pull out of the writing and start experimenting with how this might look. Esp fonts, for a reasonably longform electronic literature project. I’m in a Typekit whirlpool. Serif, bookish, and highly readable when small are high on the list.

Fonts I'm liking

Fonts I’m liking

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Immersed in the writing

For quite a few weeks now I have been immersed in writing for a new work. It is coming slow and steady, a set of ultra short stories that will be shaped and published for tablets. The words will lead, supported by images and (some limited) interactivity. A secret language.

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Australia Council grant for new electronic literature work

Very happy to mention that I have been recently been awarded an Australia Council Literature Board grant in New Media and Digital Writing, to develop a new electronic literature work for tablet devices. Work will start on this project in 2014, so more news once the project is underway next year.

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Notes for Walking staged again as part of Mosman Festival / International Fleet Review

Notes for Walking will be staged again at Middle Head as part of Mosman Festival and Mosman Art Gallery’s site specific program during the International Fleet Review, on the October long weekend, 4-7 October, 2013. Remember to download the Notes for Walking app prior to visiting onsite. Please note that it is only running for iPhone, iPad and iPodTouch during the long weekend. Android users will need to visit the site with a iOS friend!

To download the app click here. If visiting onsite please follow the user checklist. For further info please visit the Notes site.

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